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Enjoy this how well do you know Cleopatra quiz after listening to KLEO by Krystal Klair!

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    What is sacred to the Cleopatra lineage in this cover art?

    • Cadecus on her forehead
    • Printing herself on gold coinage
    • The "in the name of my father" inscription
    • All of the above
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    What does this lyric mean?

    • The reason why the Egyptian pantheon practiced incestuous relationships
    • Egyptian pharaoh is blood of god/dess on earth
    • Blood is the currency of spirit in 3D realm
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    Which god/dess archetype did Cleopatra channel in her incarnation?

    • Isis
    • Hathor
    • All of the above
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    What Roman General was assasinated by the Senate while Cleopatra was in Rome with his new born son?

    • Mark Antony
    • Julius Caesar
    • Caesarion
    • Alexander the Great
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    Why is this symbolism relevant to the Cleopatra lineage?

    • Cleopatra's throne funded Mark Antony's military campaigns
    • Union with Cleopatra made Julius Caesar the first Roman King
    • Cleopatra was the mother of kings, birthing royal children to ascend the throne
    • All of the above
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    Why is "in the name of my father" relevant to the Cleopatra lineage?

    • She was very close with her father and considered to be his favorite child
    • On her fathers death bed his final wish was for Cleopatra to take the throne
    • "in the name of my father" is the direct translation of Cleopatra in Greek
    • The name Cleopatra was given to royal children in the Ptolemaic line who worshipped our heavenly father God
    • All of the above