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Business, beats, bless – it’s a culture thing

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Future corporations are WEB3 because co-creation is the practical solution. It’s the only way to topple WEB2 aka the tower of current systems keeping us in separation from truth, our power

Business, beats, and bless…its a culture thing / #KreatrixAcademy #VSAgency

Old world societal constructs and paradigms have been impressed upon us to keep us separated from unity, true equanimity. The oldest trick in the book is to divide and conquer. We choose peace, not war. Unity, not separation. We choose WEB3, not WEB2

Vancity Street’s original slogal since 2017 (c)

We can only decentralize power if the collective invests into new solutions. Co-creation is not only key, it is necessary. From a practical point of view, we can’t decentralize power if we don’t take our power back. We can only do this by investing our power of interest into each other instead

Authentic co-creation can weave the WEB3

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But let’s be realistic, WEB3 puts power back into the hands of the collective Creator because it is connecting with a more…creative way, of achieving economic and qualitative success

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That’s a highly intelligent society with very inspiring world views. The hard truth is that WEB3 transparency is messy. Addressing the collective opinion and creating a…creative solution takes time and attention. It isn’t operationally sustaining. That’s why the WEB2 container thrived, it DID systemize some processes. Best not to disregard it, but how to we bring it into the connection of WEB3?

WEB4, addressing the shadow of WEB3 transparency. Integrating, in transparency, everything that keeps us from co-creating in complete trust and mutual interest

Co-creation is the legacy

Vancity Street’s Kreatrix Academy residents produced, recorded, mastered & distributed “LEGACY” in 18 days!

You’re ready to work with us if you’re the dreamer looking to manifest their Creatorship…because YOU CAN. In a new world that creates opportunities that WEB2 made impossible, through the illusion of separation

Let’s topple the tower shall we?

Decentralizing power by healing our separation from inner Creator, accessing THE creation flow. Understanding IT IS EASY…to make a beat! Self-realizing your Creatorship in music with Vancity Street’s Kreatrix Academy is vesting your Creatorship into a creative solution, that heals the collective’s separation from HOW EASY IT IS to make a beat


We’ve ran the numbers.

The collective heals the separation of WEB2 when we realize the business of beats and bless is a qualitative AND economically sustaining opportunity for the entire WEB3

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How to access your creation flow 101
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