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How do we know the VS Agency algorithm has value?

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We refuse to subscribe to local Vancouver narratives that suggest people “don’t support each other” – culture is created, community is style!

We listen to music, duh.

We admit it. We’re new to managing all our releases in-house. We are a team of learning, growing Creators just like yourself. But from the jump all our releases did well.

Every release on Spotify radio overnight. HOW? WHY? Our entrepreneurial hat came on. We needed to understand this so we could replicate the strategy…EVERY TIME!

Vancity Street curates playlists featuring the best local Creators on Vancity’s streets. #LocalOnly

We figured it out.

The only difference between us and our peers is that WE are listening to music 24 hours a day…while they listen to music…sometimes.

Not even once per day?! Not even on the bus?! WHO ARE YOU?

Vancity Street’s Kreatrix Academy residents produced, recorded, mastered & distributed “LEGACY” in 18 days!

At Vancity Street music is playing 24 hours a day. At night, we play meditation music to clear the space.

We curate mad playlists, each one catered to a specific value proposition. We explore the algorithm to find new music. You can bet we have a hot and trending playlist that will support your release getting on spotify radio because we stream it…all day.

The first 1000 plays as a new artist is the hardest benchmark to hit. It gets easier after that.

We get all our in-house releases to 1000 plays in a month – HOW?

1. Because we listen to music – DUH!

Plus we’re Vancity StreetCulture is created, community is style. We listen to our friends music…and they listen to ours. Instead of subscribing to a narrative that people in Vancouver “don’t support each other” we just like…support each other.

2. We are Creators of our reality, not victims!

We refuse to affirm a timeline that suggests people in Vancouver don’t support each other (by not supporting each other). We are Creators of our reality instead. Culture is created, community is style…we affirm a timeline that suggests people in Vancouver DO support each other by being the change we wish to see in the world instead.

Are you destined to be part of the change?

Vancity Street got my song on Spotify radio overnight!
How to get your music on Spotify radio - what no one is telling you!