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How to access your creation flow 101

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Don’t front. Figuring out how to manifest your creation flow has been a life long dream. Endless day dreams, and many moments where we all lacked faith in the process, FO REAL

“LEGACY” by Vancity Street feat. Shugarboy & Krystal Klair was produced, recorded, mastered & distributed in 18 days!

    Who are the gods of this world?

    Celebrities, those who have accessed their creation flow. These are the role models put on pedestals in our society, the select few who have been chosen by Hollywood as “worthy” while the rest of us have been impressed with illusions of lack or inaccessibility. We are here to support you in dissolving these illusions. Reframing the work of the those who oppress us by reminding you of one thing

    Culture is created, community is style / Vancity Street’s slogan since 2017!

    You were born to create. No major label deal has the power to tell you that “you got it” or “you don’t” because the right to judge your worth isn’t theirs, unless you allow it to be

    The right to grant you the blessings of your creatorship belongs to the Creator, and you being born and with us today means that the right to creatorship was granted, to you. How to access your creation flow:

    1. Power of will

    The truth? Is that day dreaming is not going to work. The power of visualization IS indeed the key to cultivating the power of will…TO ACT. What are YOU going to do TODAY that embodies the frequency of your intention. If you don’t know what your intention is, that is a good place to start and a very appropriate place to connect with the power of will behind your creation flow is IN those day dreams. There is a reason why we all get caught up in them, wisps of a reality that CAN be created…through your fingertips. Trust that in those quiet moments of inspiration, the spark of the Creator inside you is speaking to you of things, places, ways of being…different ways you can CREATE impact in this world

    2. Discipline

    You’re feeling aligned with your intention, you know what you intend to create and why you are doing this. Know that you can’t cultivate enough discipline to manifest it if you have not connected with the truth of your intention. Work isn’t work if it’s in resonance. That’s the bottom line. If your intention encompasses the entirety of your being, you will, at that time, be able to access the discipline it requires to manifest it into this physical world. A masterful craftsman was a disciple first. If you are a creator who has a hard time finishing things, this step is of utmost importance to you. What is preventing you from FINISHING it? Bills to pay? A job to show up to? Children to keep? An endless to-do list of things you must achieve in order to be accepted in this world?

    3. Surrender

    Surrender your fear. Fear of lack, fear you won’t succeed, fear that you can’t create the vision at it’s highest at this level of your creatorship. Fear of paying rent that month. Surrender your fears to the authenticity of your creation flow. You are exactly where you need to be and you are there for a reason. The illusion of “suffering” or “lack” is a choice. Creating a life that you are inspired to live requires sacrifice, proof of your intention. The power of will to live out that intention. Surrendering to the depths of that intention no matter where it takes you. Surrendering what is not in authentic resonance with your truth, your vision…without fear because you have taken your first step towards creating the life that WILL inspire your creation flow

    3. Faith

    It’s not easy to walk a path that no one is walking. It’s why the hive mind is stuck in cyclical patterns of lack, anxiety, suffering, depression, because we have not cultivated enough faith. Faith in what? Faith in the process, faith in the journey. Sounds cheesy AF because we live in a world that scoffs at metaphysical notions, but lets get one thing straight. Accessing your creation flow, tapping into the will of your creator is as metaphysical as it gets. It’s a dream isn’t it? That’s why majority of the world lives in a space where creation is not accessible, it is not possible. It’s a dream, a fantasy, not a reality. It is because we live in a system of oppression that has dissolved it from this reality. They have cut it from the education system. We live in a system that tells you, you cannot create your life. That you DO NOT create your life, you life a life they created for you. This system keeps us away from core truths that help you unlock the creation flow of LIFE let alone your personal creation flow in art or music…accessing that is just a bonus once you’re living in your essence of joy and play because you’ve CREATED the life that you want

    4. Trust

    After we reconnect with our essence of faith, we can truly begin to trust how the creation flow plays out in our daily lives. We heal this distortion that we are NOT accessing our creation flow EVERYDAY. We trust that taking care of our body in that moment is an essential part of THE creation flow that helps us access our creation flow in art and music. We trust that creating a nourishing meal for ourselves, taking the time to do that in our work day, is an essential part of the creation flow that helps us access our inspiration in work. We are able to trust in the authentic moment of our inspiration, in every moment, day by day, without projecting any reality of what we should or shouldn’t when we have cultivated FAITH that the creator inside is taking us exactly where we are meant to be

    5. Love

    My guess is that your creator filled your cup in every way you needed, now you are ready to take that first stab of the vision. GASP. Essential here is love. Self love is key, a baby isn’t born into judgement. Perhaps it is, but how do you suspect that baby to turn out? Lack of confidence to be who they are, exactly how they want to be. Unsureness. How you receive the initial conception of your vision will be reflected in the resonance of the creation. And like a baby, it doesn’t happen overnight. Labor is long, it is painful, it is a process…remembering now to have faith in the process, trusting that this initial birth of the project is essential to the creation flow, practicing love onto that so that we can glean, from our creator the next step

    6. Willingness

    Which brings us to willingness. Willingness to learn. A parent has no idea what they are doing when they birth their first child but they can’t stop now. They need to be in presence with it, they practice attentiveness and a willingness to learn. A willingness to receive from the creation, what comes next. A willingness to grow with the creation. But a parent who starts pumping out kids gets better at the process. It is the same with our craftsmanship. Willingness to be a disciple to our craft before we become a master of it is key.

    We are giving you a taste of what IS possible in this world. The life you CAN live, the frequency you CAN embody. We aren’t afraid to embody this frequency simply because we aren’t afraid. We aren’t curating a sales pitch to the masses. You prayed to manifest your creatorship. Creator answered. We are here looking for the creators called to this resonance because we trust the Creator in you will guide you to us, if its in alignment with your creation flow. We invite you to trust in that too. We invite you to have faith in the moment your creator nudges you towards us. We invite you to draw on your power of will to surrender to that faith, in this moment. Listen to your body, listen to your intuition. You know if this call is for you.

    LEGACY was written, recorded, produced and mastered in 18 days!
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