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SPOTTED! Kreatrix Academy sponsors FOUR vocal artists for FREE

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Supporting a thriving artist paradigm by creating accessible opportunities for Creators to make a beat

F*ck the starving artist paradigm

Music production doesn’t belong to a select few. Vancity Street’s Kreatrix Academy is here to remind YOU that you don’t need that major-label deal to create in the name of your Creator
Democratizing music creation to any local on Vancity’s streets

Kreatrix Academy at Vancity Street is sponsoring 4 Creators FREE $30k value each to make sure we got that industry level standard BEFORE we officially open our doors

We’re filming the entire process to show YOU what’s possible for Creatorship on Vancity’s streets at Vancity Street’s Kreatrix Academy

Here are the terms & conditions:

“LEGACY” by Vancity Street feat. Shugarboy & Krystal Klair was produced, recorded, mastered & distributed in 18 days!

1. We write, produce, record, master, distribute you in our studio for 1 x beat

In this sponsorship we get you across the finish line for FREE but our terms are not negotiable. This sponsorship is worth minimum $30k according to traditional systems. That’s why Creators think music production isn’t possible without a major-label deal

2. This entire process is done in 2 weeks

F*uck the starving artist paradigm. But we can’t prove a thriving artist paradigm IS possible if our business model isn’t sustainable. We can’t afford to create with you if it takes you 1 year to make a beat. It is the job of our Kreatrix Academy resident to show you how a 2 week timeline is possible, how to feel limitless

3. You are able to work w/ us in the time period assigned

We are offering this sponsorship FREE because fool-proofing our standardized operational procedures before opening our doors is our top priority. Show up when we tell you to pls k thx, it supports us in streamlining our processes

4. You consent to our session(s) being recorded for our docuseries

The best way to show our community what we are doing and how we are doing it, is by filming the entire BETA. By applying you consent to being a BETA Creator (and to embodying your process on the show)

5. We launch your artistry on all streaming platforms as the featured artist

We make you a beat and support you in distribution, however the release belongs to Vancity Street with you as a featured artist. We help you thrive, you help us. Thriving artist paradigm 101 R U READY?

We can’t prove a thriving artist paradigm is possible if we can’t compete. Industry level standards only, are you ready to step up?

XOXO, your friendly neighborhood,
Vancity Street

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