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Vancity Street Week 2019 – NAILED IT! We’re throwing multi-level productions with 300+ Creators.

We even invested into coverage (on our resources) cause that’s just what we do. We’ve got mad raw video on the hard drive to prove it. #FACTS.

How can we be better for you? By turning that coverage back around. Getting it back out to 300+ Creators in a timely fashion (pun intended hehe).

Yes. Post-production on the runway show = Vancity Street Week. Creators deserve the performance opportunity, but they also deserve the coverage.

The coverage we paid for them to have. FML.

Our solution? VS News at Vancity Street. Expanding as a Creator resource on Vancity’s streets. Put on you’re entrepreneur hat. Let’s flex being well-rounded Creators. Breaking down why VS News at Vancity Street is the logical growth trajectory for the movement. #SupportTheMovement


Intended goals and outcomes

Vancouver fashion show curates a red carpet event w/ paparazzi to capture guests!
Our primary goal is to expand as a well-rounded Creator resource. Vancity Street Week is a unique Creator resource for non-DJs in Vancouver. It fills a real gap and it's important to us. But in the 21st century world of digital marketing, local Creators need support authenticating their online presence. DAMN. The local Creator NEEDS that high-quality coverage! Vancity Street Week is so much more than we realized. Stage your celebrity, capture you LIVE with creating-celebrities-level coverage AND give you the ultimate Creator tool. Here's your coverage, create your OWN headline. Sign up for FREE w/ VS News at vancitystreet.ca to create it in your unique Creator footprint. We've systemized processes, the Creator gets their high-quality coverage, the coverage we paid for. Lol.

Impacts to digital media, arts and culture sectors

How to create your own publicity FREE
Celebrity tabloid culture IS a core part of our culture. Let's be honest. VS News at Vancity Street gives you a Creator tool. The one you need to create their own celebrity tabloid culture. That's right. Creating culture by creating your own publicity! HUGE impact on culture by showing Creators they do not need to be "famous" to headline. All you have to do is create your own. Impacting the digital media sector by creating alternative pathways for Creators. You don't need to pay $$ for earned media houses or wait for someone to say you're good enough. Create your own headline, control your own narrative. Impacting art by cultivating it's ability to thrive. Giving Creators a digital tool that encourages you to create your own opportunities, and go-to-market w/ your Creator business. Promote your art by authenticating your artist journey w/ celebrity tabloid culture. THAT'S RIGHT! Login FREE today w/ VS News at vancitystreet.ca

Exhibition or distribution plans (and whether we plan to commercialize)

Western Canada’s biggest events company invests in Vancouver artist collective
We show you how to use VS News at Vancity Street as the ultimate digital marketing tool. This includes and isn't limited to investing resources into BETA Creators. Yes, that's right. A thriving artist paradigm exists. Part of our go-to-market strategy is paying our BETA Creators to authenticate their brand by creating their own publicity. Empowering Creators to be their own agent by creating innovative digital tools that help Creators CREATE their own opportunities. AND NO. We do not plan on commercializing. VS News at vancitystreet.ca is a FREE digital resource, no hidden charges and none coming down the pipeline. Do it for you, all you have to do is give yourself permission.

Sustainability and creative development

How to access your creation flow 101
If your Creator energy is the ultimate resource, VS News at Vancity Street is YOUR ultimate tool. Create longevity around your content creation. Here are your options: 1) spend hours creating a reel on a platform whose algorithm doesn't support content creators OR 2) put that energy towards weaving your content into a URL headline that you can "link-in-bio" for the rest of your life. Change it on the daily (without losing it on the platform your reel just got buried under RIGHTTT). Creative development be engaging mind-set. By inviting Creators to create their own publicity we engage them not only through an interactive, digital experience, but also as creative entrepreneurs. We are all creative, but are you Creator? Are YOU the lifestyle? Then you are a celebrity we want to follow, and you can eliminate all your excuses by creating your celebrity FREE w/ VS News at vancitystreet.ca

Equity, diversity and access

Kanye West inspires Krystal Klair to GET REAL about her NEW single ‘triggered’
Mainstream social media platforms not only bury creator content, they censor your content. Have you been flagged for nudity or terrorism? Our guess is you were confused, because if you're not censoring you, why are they? We protect Creatorship by protecting creator content. Supporting diversity by prioritizing equity, and creating accessibility by protecting content. Creating UNCENSORED opportunities for Creators in performance (and coverage) since 2017. VS News at Vancity Street means we embody our core values in the digital space too. Protecting Creator content by creating safe spaces for communities to engage in meaningful conversations (without censorship). All you have to do is sign up FREE w/ VS News at vancitystreet.ca

Regional and community arts

Vancouver artist collective calls out locals on ‘no-fun-city’ stigma
Culture is created, community is style. Our slogan since 2017. Vancity Street grew fast when we called out the community on labelling Vancouver as a "no-fun-city". WE REBELLED! We suggested that Vancouver is just a young city, void of generational culture. Yes, that's right. We told our community to stop complaining because culture is created, community is style. Encouraging community artistry since 2017 and expanding our value proposition as a Creator resource through VS News at Vancity Street. Community is style, especially when we're all out there creating our own celebrity. Yes, are you ready now? All you have to do is sign up FREE w/ VS News at vancitystreet.ca
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