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Krystal Klair cancels birthday dinner to finish NEW single “settle for us”

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My girlfriends picked the time AND place. BUT I cancelled a few hours before. FLAKY. No one likes flaky, right? I made US a song though 😭

I keep listening to it. What does settling mean to u? 

– Queen B Olivia 👑 

I make a beat every year around my birthday, my birthday beatI’m religious 

This drop is a love letter to the crew 🛐

Days before finishing “settle for us” (in 3 days) + CANCELLING MY BDAY DINNER TO DO IT (😈)

Someone said the word “settle”

Why tho? That got me thinking TOOOOOO lmao 🤣 Could they POSSIBLY think I “settled” for this dream life we co-created, TOGETHER?!? 😱


Coming soon “settle for us” is on KRYSTAL KLEAR the album 💿 Written, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, channeled by Krystal Klair!

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