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How to create your own publicity FREE

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Creating celebrities by empowering Creator’s to create their own publicity & control their own narrative

We all binge celebrity tabloid culture, don’t lie.

VS News at Vancity Street supports Creators by giving you the technology you need to create your own headline, because we rather binge you instead.
Supporting a thriving artist paradigm by reminding Creators they do not need to be “famous” to headline

Create your own publicity, and control your own narrative. You’re so close. All you have to do is sign up for FREE, then your ready to create celebrities. This is how you do it:

“LEGACY” by Vancity Street feat. Shugarboy & Krystal Klair was produced, recorded, mastered & distributed in 18 days!

1. Click on this icon

See this icon on the top right of your search bar? You’ve found it! Click it!

2. Create your account for FREE

Follow the prompts, if you’re feeling inspired change your avatar photo and your header. Step 01 of creating your own publicity is branding yourself

3. You’re ready to create your own publicity

Create your first post, draft it if you’re not ready to go live. Browse the other articles live on our platform. Comment, post a GIF if you’re feeling crazy. React with an emoji, put out the energy you want to receive on YOUR first post. Create collection boards for your favorite articles because YOU CAN

4. Verify your account

Once you publish your first post you go through a 1-time verification process. We gotta verify your account because we need to make sure your human. We’ve spent a lot of time and resources creating this technology for you because we want you to thrive. Thank you for wanting our ecosystem to thrive too! After we verify you once, your posts will publish automatically. Your 1-time verification process can be up to 24 hours, our team is small, thank you for your patience!

Are you ready to reclaim your celebrity status as a Creator? You don’t need trash coverage from mainstream media outlets to make it. No more exploiting artists. Putting power back into the hands of Creators by leveraging celebrity tabloid culture to create celebrities instead!

XOXO, your friendly neighborhood,
Vancity Street

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