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Vancity Street got my song on Spotify radio overnight!

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Photos for PR0PH3tB3AtZ taken by VS Agency at Vancity Street

Figuring out “how to pitch your music” was one thing. How to successfully get it on a Spotify playlist was another. Getting it on a Spotify playlist overnight was a company win.

In the name of Isis / “KLEO” by PR0PH3TB3ATZ feat. Krystal Klair

“My Creatorship doesn’t really care for the distribution flow, so I gave it to VS Agency at VanCity Street. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING. All of a sudden I was on Spotify radio, OVERIGHT! 40% of my plays are from Spotify radio!

PR0PH3TB3AtZ, Producer

The extraordinary moment…was when we got a release up on Spotify radio, overnight…WITHOUT PITCHING IT!!! 

This was “extraordinary” indeed, and a valued learning experience. This release taught us it isn’t about pitching your song, you don’t necessarily have to! It’s about the algorithm of the person pitching it!”

Krystal Klair, VS Agency at Vancity Street

PR0PH3TB3AtZ is a growing Creator, how does he have so many plays? Because VS Agency at Vancity Street got it on Spotify radio!

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How do we know the VS Agency algorithm has value?