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Did you know your psychic?


Everyone’s psychic! Have you ever dreamed a dream or heard a melody in your head?


NEWS FLASH, you’re psychic!!!!!!!!


This isn’t spiritual hippie shit, this is natural law and order. Read more to understand your natural gifts, to reclaim your birthright as a son or daughter of the Chosen!Β 



Seeing something 'krystal klair' in your minds eye 🧿 Crystal clear = clarity with physical senses. Krystal klair = clarity with subtle senses. Dreaming aka seeing entire landscapes or realities in your minds eye is the most common form of klairvoyance ☁️ Painters or visual artists often create from their natural klairvoyance 🎨 Is this true? Do you see the creation in your minds eye before you create it? Drop your experience in the comments!


Drop a reaction if you've every heard a ringing in your ear πŸ‘‚ That cultural phrase β€œsomeone’s talking about you if you hear a ringing in your ear” 🀣 Now you know what it means! 😜 You're astral hearing aka klairaudience is picking up on the juicy details. Musicians are often klairaudient, they hear melodies in their head through their klairaudience 🎡


That moment of integration when your inspiration, path, direction seems 'krystal klair' πŸ’« Recieving the 'download' from inner spirit ⚑️ An instant revelation, insight or roadmap divined from thin air πŸ€™πŸΌ Leading thinkers, entrepreneurs or innovators are often leading through their klaircognizance


The science behind tarot and oracle πŸ’‘ Your psychic force magnetizes the information you need into your field through your hands aka your klairtangency πŸ–οΈ Have you ever randomly flipped to a page in a book to read something shockingly relevant? πŸ“š Thank your natural klairtangency! FUN FACT πŸ’₯ I divined from inner Spirit what Tarot card is relevant to each Klairsense through my klairtangency 😎


Klair feeling, you are very tapped into the emotional matrix of others πŸ’œ It's your blessing and your curse πŸ₯΅ You're very gifted with interpersonal relationships for this reason, but on another extreme, you can find yourself drowning in the emotional grid of others 🌊 Does this resonate? 😭 Some practices that can help you maintain healthy seperation from your the emotions of others are visualization techniques that create psychic boundaries around your field 🧿


Klair smelling, heightened sense of smell πŸ‘ƒ You are very sensitive to smell and may smell things other people can't or from much farther distances 🀯 Do certain smells remind you of something or give you certain feelings that seem relevant to you or other people in the room? πŸ€” Elemental spirits or people with a strong affinity to the animal plane are often klairalient 🐺


Klair taste, you are very sensitive to taste and might even taste things that arent even there when you interact with certain people or things πŸ‘… This taste often triggers emotional charge for yourself or can surprisingly be related to the experiences of others in your field πŸ€” Natural chefs, bakers or food critics who communicate storytelling through taste 🍲
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