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How to get your music on Spotify radio – what no one is telling you!

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You googled it. You read the only 3 articles out there and they’ve all told you the exact same thing:

“LEGACY” by Vancity Street feat. Shugarboy & Krystal Klair was produced, recorded, mastered & distributed in 18 days!

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists
  2. Click on “Music” then click the “Upcoming” tab
  3. Click the highlighted “Pitch a Song” link. One song can be pitched off of a multi-track release. It can be pitched one time by the creator, artist manager, or distributing partner

After logging into Spotify for Artists you can access the process flow for Pitching your song, you can’t access this page unless you’ve officially released through a third-party distributor!

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This is what no one is telling you – probably because it empowers Creators to be their own agent. You don’t need that major label deal to manifest your Creatorship. All you need to do is exercise a willingness to learn.

Pitching your song doesn’t guarantee visibility on Spotify algorithmic playlists. This does:

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1. Listen to music leading up to the release

If you’re a Creator creating music and you DO NOT listen to music all day everyday, we invite you to start. Let us tell you why. Streaming all your waking hours is…a lot of hours. You’re exploring the algorithm, you’re syncing with it. You’re teaching the algorithm where your song belongs. If you’re confused as to why your music never gets picked up after pitching it, it is because your release isn’t getting NOTICED by Spotify. Probably because your algorithm is dead. Sounds simple now right?

When you listen to your music on playlists ONLY your stream is contributed to the “Other listener’s playlists” statistic! Your statistics are found on Spotify for Artists!

2. Listen to music on playlists – only!

So how do you get your release NOTICED on Spotify? Communicate with the algorithm. Tell it what songs and artists you want your release to be played beside. Do this by curating a playlist specifically for your drop. You better be streaming that playlist leading up to your drop. You’re telling the algorithm those songs and artists have replay value and that you’re OBSESSED. When your song drops, add it immediately to your hot and trending playlist. Leverage that value by streaming your release from there. You maximize potential on this step when you are NOT the only person doing this. It is within your best interest to have a support system in place that suggests to the algorithm that these streams are from “other listeners playlists” not yours

This is a real statistic for Krystal Klair‘s ‘triggered’ – this release was managed by VS Agency at Vancity Street!

3. Strategize the streaming of your song

When you stream your release from your artist profile you waste the stream. When you add your drop to your hot and trending playlist and stream it from there (NOT your artist profile) it tells the algorithm that YOU have replay value too. YOU get on playlists beside songs and artists that are getting streamed OBSESSIVELY (thanks to you). Sounds simple now right? At that point Spotify decides your drop deserves to be on a Spotify algorithmic playlist and BOOM, pitching your song worked!

How do we know the VS Agency algorithm has value?
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