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Kanye West inspires Krystal Klair to GET REAL about her NEW single ‘triggered’

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I am really scared to own the inspiration behind my latest drop ‘triggered’. It lightly addresses a touchy interaction I shared regarding Black Lives Matter. But Ye is out there RIGHT NOW refusing to run from the wolves on this. He inspires me. I can’t b*tch out. The least I can do is embody my truth fully if Ye is out there getting crucified for it.

Krystal Klair, Creator

Free speech doesn’t exist = old news. NEW NEWS = freedom to create without censorship doesn’t exist either.

Kanye West swarmed by wolves after dropping controversial “White Lives Matter” T-shirts during ‘Yeezy’ runway show

Ye, formally known as Kanye Westdoes NOT back down. He attempts to address cancel culture, after being accused of being anti-semitic.

He was immediately de-platformed…again.

Krystal Klair meditated for 30 days and 30 nights to the Krystal Keys Library before making this post. She strikes to speak when she’s aligned, to practice what she preaches in NEW single ‘triggered’OUT NOW!

NEWS FLASH, censoring free speech through ‘Fact-Checkers’ is the new normal. Who is creating legislation around censoring information?

Why is it important to them, WHAT we digest and WHO we digest it from? Someone out there must be asking the same question, thank the Lord. Because Ye was reinstated to Twitter 3 days later.

Krystal Klair’s ‘triggered’ reflects on how socio-identity politics ‘triggers’ us into speaking from a reactive place.

Who bankrolls initiatives like Black Lives Matter? Why does the wolf prey on people who create conversation around it? What about that SO triggering? Are socio-identity politics hard to navigate? Is it easier to react than it is to do the inner work required to create peace? The art of war is divide! ‘triggered’ is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms!

SPOTTEDKrystal Klair overcomes real fears about dropping his NEW single ‘triggered’. She breaks down ‘triggered’ in-studio while recording this key for the Krystal Keys Library.

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