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How do you deliver top-quality content at industry level speeds?

“LEGACY” by Vancity Street feat. Shugarboy & Krystal Klair was produced, recorded, mastered & distributed in 18 days!

Everyone has a song to sing. Everyone has a beat to make. BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE IT. Let’s be honest. Whether you’ve mastered your creation flow or not, once upon a time you prayed for it. It was your DREAM to manifest it. If you HAVE figured out how to make a beat, maybe you haven’t figured out HOW TO FINISH IT. A small % of those who have, create a mint quality sound. A smaller % of THOSE people have figured out how to deliver it…fast. 


Trace this back to Greco-Roman era

How to unlock an industry-level creation flow 101. VS Agency at Vancity Street decentralizes power by empowering creators to be their own agent. Let’s learn, shall we?

SPOTTED! Krystal Klair & Shugarboy write, produce & record “LEGACY” in 3 days!

1. Self-love isn’t easy

Understanding your holy trinity. When our inner child expresses their inner world through creation, we naturally want to scream about it at the top of our lungs. We tug at the hand of everyone in proximity because inner child desires attention, celebration. But we cannot depend on others to overflow unconditional love frequency, they are not our mother. That’s why self love is key. Creating for the approval of others brings only pain. Creating for yourself, celebrating first steps through inner mother, and creating safety, protecting your process by tapping into inner father, is the different between creators who release, and creators who settle for dreaming about it their whole life.

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2. Learning is key

NEWS FLASH, you do not get famous over night. We have so many dreams of fame, but we refuse to enjoy the process. We project an idea of the inspiration, instead of receiving the authentic creation with self love frequency. Practicing forgiveness for the little parts that aren’t “perfect”. The alternative is holding onto a beat for 10 years…our creatorship never self-realizes because our creation flow suffers. We condemn it to shadow instead of learning from our baby. Children don’t thrive in environments breeding judgement, lack of safety. Willingness to learn is key because 100-1000 creations later, you’ve learnt a lot of things…and your creation flow is thriving because your creation flow has crystallized, high-quality content and high-quality output, because you are cultivating success, instead of feeding the shadow of your imperfections, allowing that shadow to keep you from self-realizing.

SPOTTED! Shugarboy is a star because he sees the star in everyone!

3. Craftsmanship is your devotion

In the famous words of Shugarboyyou must be OBSESSED. The difference between creating for pleasure and successfully making your creatorship your business is work ethic. We all inherit the power to create in Creators image…dissolving any illusion that you are not born to create, here, now. However, who will rise above the rest? Who is willing to do whatever it takes because they are in devotion to the craft? Who will work 12 hour days because your business is your bliss, you are living off of life force energy because you live and breathe for your craft?

Vancity Street’s LEGACY feat. Shugarboy & Krystal Klair was written, recorded, produced, mastered and distributed in 18 days! Celebrating our Kreatrix Academy residents for embodying an industry-level creation flow!

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Vancity Street creates celebrities at Vancity White Boat Party
How to access your creation flow 101